1).  Check-in is 1:00 p.m.  Check out is 12:00 noon

2).  All visitors are asked to check in at the office upon arrival, and are to be gone by 10:00 pm

3).  Pets are welcome, but must be kept on a leash or in a (manufactured) pet-pen while outside at all times. You are required to clean up after your pet  


5).  Fires are permitted in designated fire rings only. Fire rings are not to be moved

6).  Loud music is not permitted at any time. There are many other people using our campground, so when using audio equipment, please be considerate of other campers

7.) Absolutely  NO downloading, netflix, etc. is permitted on the WiFi network

8).  Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS Guests are asked to leave as well

9). Fires must be out by 11:00 p.m.

*  Anyone found in violation of the rules or those that the staff deem to be disruptive, will be asked to leave the campground immediately with no refund.

Knutsford Campground occupants:

- As of April 15th all sheds, pallets, tarps, additions etc. must be completely removed.

- The sites must once again look like RV campsites. 2 vehicles per site; vehicles must have valid insurance

- Sewer hoses which are left out must be on a sewer stand with a sewer seal on the end.

- The allowable items in the site will be a BBQ, chairs, small deck and up to a maximum of five potted plants off  the ground.

- There will not be any items stored behind or along side the RVs, as this makes it very difficult to cut and trim grass.

- Items may be stored under the RV as long as there is skirting around the RV. The only skirting allowed on the RV past Apr. 15th  is the manufactured tarp skirting or plywood which must be painted and maintained.

- Patrons with dogs must keep them on leash at all times and clean up after them immediately. This includes the open grass areas.

- Anyone with dogs off leash will be asked to leave the campground immediately with no refund.

- Clothes lines are not permitted. Laundry facilities are provided for your convenience.

- Satellite dishes are not to be fastened to trees.

- In order for us to remain in good standing with British Columbia Lodging and Camping Association, super Camping, Trailer Life and Woodalls; these rules will be strictly enforced. Thank you for your co-operation from everyone here at the  

Knutsford RV Campground

Questions?                please call:  1-866-777-1954                             e-mail: